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The COVID-19 developments are, of course, affecting DivorceHotel's global operations. We are following all recently released COVID-19 guidelines and are taking every precaution to protect our community!

Whilst we are not able to use our hotel locations for the time being, we are still able to help you to split up in an amicable way via our established online DivorceHotel divorce solution.

We are here to assist you, please get in touch with us as usual via phone, send us an email or send your question directly via our website. On behalf of DivorceHotel International I wish everybody luck, stay strong and healthy and I hope we meet soon in person and in good health!

Jim Halfens


DivorceHotel International

Michele Martin worked for years as a highly successful financial specialist in New York. When she herself went through a divorce she decided to change her career path and became a mediator with a mission to facilitate positive divorces. Soon thereafter she read about DivorceHotel in the New York Times and she lobbied to bring DivorceHotel to the United State and became the first U.S. mediator for DivorceHotel. This also made her one of America’s famous mediators as she does weekly talk shows on radio and television and she is frequently interviewed for magazines and newspapers about her experiences as a DivorceHotel mediator. In addition to her role as mediator, Michele is also the U.S. Country Manager for DivorceHotel, responsible for expanding the business throughout the United States.  In this blog Michele writes about her experiences and she gives tips and tricks regarding divorces and relationships all based on her goal to make the divorce process much more positive than it often currently is. Do you have a question for Michele? Please send her an email!

Structure your Divorce Agreement to Qualify for a Mortgage!

26 April 2017

There are two points to this blog – Firstly – to give you some useful information on what you need to qualify for a mortgage post-divorce and secondly – of course – to sing the praises of mediation and positive divorce! A few facts of a recent divorce I mediated: husband and wife agreed that … read more »

So easy to marry and so difficult to divorce, it’s time for change!

9 April 2017

Welcome to my first blog!  I’m so happy you are here to read my first story! I decided to write about my experiences when more and more people asked me for tips and tricks about how to settle divorces in a positive way.  My daily life can be very dynamic because of my double role … read more »