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I would like to settle my divorce over a weekend

Our DivorceHotel Mediators will assist you in the process of getting a divorce by providing a professional, swift and affordable service as well as ensuring that the whole process is completed as positively as possible. In addition to our mediators and lawyers, we can offer you (if required) access to our range of independent professional experts (such as accountants, brokers, etc.)  This way there can be no interference from any prejudiced or perhaps ‘unprofessional’ family members, friends, or other affiliated parties.

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At  DivorceHotel the mediation sessions are held in a hotel. We choose to do the negotiations at a hotel, not only because this is neutral territory, but also because this provides you with a more relaxing atmosphere in which to agree your divorce. All DivorceHotel venues are equipped with all kinds of comfortable amenities, which make them suitable locations for the mediation process to be completed within 2 days (48 hours). There will be no ‘distractions’ from the business at hand, we have to focus and work hard together during the time you are here, but the hotel facilities ensure that you have ample opportunities to relax and reflect too.

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