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The COVID-19 developments are, of course, affecting DivorceHotel's global operations. We are following all recently released COVID-19 guidelines and are taking every precaution to protect our community!

Whilst we are not able to use our hotel locations for the time being, we are still able to help you to split up in an amicable way via our established online DivorceHotel divorce solution.

We are here to assist you, please get in touch with us as usual via phone, send us an email or send your question directly via our website. On behalf of DivorceHotel International I wish everybody luck, stay strong and healthy and I hope we meet soon in person and in good health!

Jim Halfens


DivorceHotel International


Welcome to DivorceHotel!

DivorceHotel works with independent mediators, from around the globe. They understand and embrace our concept and work at their own risk but according to our philosophy and methodology. This allows for you to be able to divorce in different countries but with the same philosophy.

Jim“At DivorceHotel we see your separation not just as the end of your marriage but as the beginning of a new stage in your life.”

e: info@DivorceHotel.nl
t: +31 306 023 737
Jim Halfens – CEO DivorceHotel International

“You always have the choice to split up in a positive way” With DivorceHotel we prove this in The United Kingdom!

e: info@DivorceHotel.co.uk
t: +44 203 026 4459
David Leckie – Global Director & Country Manager United Kingdom

Dorcy Pruter“Today’s couples are conscious about their lives, families, divorce wanting to have a positive affordable experience.”

e: info@DivorceHotel.com
t: +1 888 379 7279
Dorcy Pruter – Country Manager United States & Canada

“A divorce should be a positive new start in live for spouses instead of years of legal wrangling.”

e: info@DivorceHotel.com
Michele Martin – Manager United States East Coast

Kerry Gottlieb“At DivorceHotel we support you to resolve your separation issues speedily and constructively so that you can move on with your life free of the associated stress.”

e: info@DivorceHotel.net.au
t: +61 416 708 358
Kerry Gottlieb – Country Manager Australia