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The 10 Basic Principles of DivorceHotel

  1. Accessible
    A DivorceHotel Mediator is accessible, easy to reach and always reacts  swiftly to questions and messages.
  2. Professional
    A DivorceHotel Mediator operates in a professional manner and always efforts himself to provide optimal quality of service and to satisfy those using his services.
  3. Transparent
    Prior to mediation, a DivorceHotel Mediator always makes clear arrangements and lays these down in writing in a mediation agreement. In case additional or deviating arrangements are made at a later time, these shall also be laid down in writing. The Mediator shall keep parties informed at all times pertaining to all relevant facts and circumstances.
  4. Impartial
    A DivorceHotel Mediator is absolutely impartial. The primary focus is not on the interests of one of the parties, but on the joint interest to settle the divorce in the best possible way for both. Parties shall always be treated equally and be informed about all facts and circumstances in a similar manner.
  5. Independent
    In the event that a mediation is not concluded successfully, the DivorceHotel Mediator shall no longer assist either party with the divorce in question.
  6. Expert
    A DivorceHotel Mediator requires a proper professional liability insurance at a reputable insurance company, with an insured sum of no less than $ 500,000.- and a deductible of no more than $ 25,000.- and present this to his clients upon request.
  7. Positive
    A DivorceHotel Mediator shall treat a divorce not only as the end of the marriage, but also as the start of a new beginning.
  8. Solution-oriented
    A DivorceHotel Mediator does not think in terms of problems, but works on solutions.
  9. Productive
    A DivorceHotel Mediator uses a productive method of operation in order to settle the divorce in a manner that is both effective and affordable.
  10. Confidential
    A DivorceHotel Mediator shall treat all mediations and all matters relating thereto in a strictly confidential manner at all times.