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‘Divorcehotel.com’ believes that a divorce should be a positive new start in your live. We take care of every divorce in an accessible and affordable way based on an high quality standards. Either you wish to choose for a attractively priced traditional high-quality divorce at one of our offices in your own area or do you opt for the fast, but intensively guided hotel divorce in a single weekend? We offer you an affordable 5 star divorce made-to-measure. Whether you wish to divorce together or without your partner, at a low hourly rate or based on a fixed price. With us, you decide in what way we may service you!

We work with optimally trained, highly qualified professionals who distinguish themselves because of their personalities which fit in the world famous DivorceHotel philosophy. ‘Divorcehotel’ represents a high quality and full service approach. In order to be able to guarantee our quality standards, we work with a loyal team of professionals, including: lawyers, real estate agents, civil-law notaries, tax lawyers and company valuators. For us, you are not our ordinary client. You are our honoured guest!

Within the ‘Divorcehotel’ we offer you two different international divorce solutions.

The traditional divorce: you want to divorce in your own town or province, simple and not too expensive. We have 20 locations in the Netherlands where we can have your divorce arranged by one of our lawyers (hourly rate: € 150 inclusive of VAT or fixed price starting from € 1,199 inclusive of VAT). If relevant do ask for our international options (and expat) solutions .

The world famous hotel divorce: you and your partner wish to arrange your divorce in a positive, fast, effective and comfortable manner. The ‘Divorcehotel’ cooperates with various hotels in the Netherlands and all over the world. Your divorce is will be settled by our team of professionals in a single weekend (price on request, starting from € 2,499 inclusive of VAT).

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